One of the wonderful things about owning part Husky dogs is their love for dog sledding.  Brut comes from racing lines and all of the kids have some in their blood.  But you don't need a Husky or any racing lineage to sled, any large dog with a desire (key word) can be a sled dog.  Huskies and Malamutes used to be the only sledding dogs around, but now they are a mix of hound, pointers and other breeds as they are bred more for speed in this competitive sport.

We sled for recreation.  It is a good winter sport during those long, cold months and it is a great challenge for the dogs and I to learn together.  And while there are other winter dog sports like skijoring (dogs pull you while you cross country ski), pulling sports are not just for the winter.  There are scooters and jigs to take on trails or roads.  You can have your dog pull you on your bike or roller blades if that is your kind of sport.  Or your dog can just pull you while you run in the fun sport of caricross.  There is no limit, if it is mobile and can turn directions, your dog can pull you on it.

Caution: dogs should never pull in temperatures over 40F or 2C.  Your dog will overheat from the temperature on top of the extra pulling so please use caution during warmer months.

 Our Mushing Experience

We have experience in running one or two dogs and will tell you only what I know so far, what I have experienced and what I have learned from other mushers and attending dog sledding races.  While I've been playing with this sport for five years, I am still a beginner.  My dogs and I are learning as we go.  We are still learning to work on commands and running with two dogs.

I started learning this fantastic sport with Brut, my first Husky mix and it has grown from there.  Brut has been a willing sport, but doesn't enjoy dog sledding.  Instead he enjoys pulling the wood from the shed to the house.  While my other dogs really love dog sledding, but they too have their personal quirks about it that we are still learning to work through.  

I won't try to tell you something I don't know.  I only use my experience and the knowledge I have gained to pass along to you.  If you ever have any questions you would like answered, please don't hesitate to email me and I'll do what I can to find the information you are looking for.  

Dog sledding is one of those sports, that once you are hooked it is hard to give up and once you see how much fun you and your dog are having, you won't want to.

Here's a taste of Silver and Zappa on their second run of the season!