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2011-05-13We believe dogs are more than dogs, they are family.  They share in our good times and bad and make the bad times better.  We have six dogs, all related, mother, father and four of their kids from the same litter, that because of circumstances are divided into two packs.  We share our experience and escapades on our blog of the same name.  24 Paws of Love.  






SDV 0478-015And if six dogs weren't enough we also have two cats who have their own blog called 36 Claws of Attitude.  Boxer and Princess Leia give their point of view of living with the 24 Paws of Love or Muttville as they call them.  






100 0782-008One of our favorite past times is recreational dog sledding.  We'll talk about equipment, dogs and the sport in general from a beginners point of view.  We will be focusing on using one or two dogs, for sledding as we are still learning about this sport.  We'll also share video, tips and how you can get started in this fun dog sport.





Being a previous owner of only two dogs at a time and then having a litter of puppies that turned into a family of six was a pretty overwhelming change.  It took some time to stop thinking like a two dog family and adjust our life and the dogs to being a 6 dog family.  We'll share some of those changes we made and how they they helped to unite as a whole.



Coming Soon...



100 0258There's a reason our pack is divided into two.  We've dealt with issues such as aggression, dominance, territorial and possessiveness issues.  We have had our share of confrontation dog fights and corrective fights.  We will share some of the techniques that have worked with these tough problems.  










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Hi!  We are Mark and Patty Markiewicz of the 24 Paws of Love.  We have a passion for dogs that is too contagious not to share.  From the time we picked out Silver, to the time she bred with Brut, to a litter of ten healthy puppies, we have been showered with dog love.  They are our healers, protectors, comforters, companions, sweethearts and best friends. They are the best counselors, life teachers and spiritual guides.  They live unconditional love with every ounce of their being and we learn forgiveness.    We hope that each link provides you with that enthusiasm and maybe even help you see your dog in a different light.  We pride ourselves that every ounce of this website and blog is held to the same devotion and loyalty as the 24 Paws of Love have taught us.